The End of 2018: Collaborations, Gaming Tributes, Guitars, Synths and More

2018 is winding down with some new developments and directions. The beginning of all of this is the start of an on going series of tracks I’m referring to (for now) as “Gaming Tributes.” These are completely original songs inspired by the spirit of various games I’ve enjoyed over the years. They owe their sonic DNA to both the OSTs which accompany them, but also to the overall essence and nature of the game they’re dedicated to. I am aiming to release these on or around anniversaries of various release dates. You can listen to and download the first two dedicated to Mass Effect and Half-Life 2:

These tributes are a way of expressing myself musically that’s not inherently tied to a representation of myself and doesn’t carry the burden of being “my” music, even though these are original compositions. Over the years I’ve struggled to really “find my voice” and to create music that’s authentic in some way. Creating these tributes allows me to act on a different source of inspiration, try out new approaches to music, and increase my knowledge and skills—especially where it concerns electronic music. It’s my way of rediscovering a sense of joy and fun in music while also paying respects to games and composers that have had a lasting effect on me. I’m excited to continue growing this series.

I am also collaborating on a project I’m very excited to see grow. While my Gaming Tribute series is a celebration of various games that speak to a core component of my life, this new project is a celebration of my roots as a guitarist. Though I’ve traversed a great deal of sonic territory and will continue to do so, my roots as a rock guitarist are strong and I’m thrilled to have partnered with someone with a musical vision that allows me to embrace the power chord in a refreshing and exciting way. This is an iron that will be in the fire for some time, so there’s some time yet before the project appears in the wild, but I can’t wait until it does.

With my Half-Life 2 tribute piece finished, I’m currently working on the next addition to this series. After this I’m dedicating time to an even greater project firmly rooted in the idea of “Gaming Tributes.” This is a larger, more ambitious project which builds on much of what I’m doing in the Gaming Tributes, but takes it in a slightly different direction, embracing the “Ambient Guitar” as a fully independent and realized instrument.