Check that One Off: Microsoft’s To-Do is on Mac

I’m just going to assume that this item was way at the bottom of Microsoft’s list; but since they bought Wunderlist, I started using it less and less and relying more on To-Do. Up until now, however, I could only do so on iOS and Windows. While it’s great that I have a Windows machine stationed at home and an iPhone always on me, my work flow has always been to focus on one device at a time, and that’s made working on my MacBook somewhat challenging while on the go. Yeah, I could access To-Do on a web browser, but I just prefer to have an app in the dock I can always zone in on; I hate juggling around a bunch of tabs–honestly, I was late to the tab game on web browsers and I probably always will be.

Wunderlist was essential for me when it came to granular, specific tasks. I do use a Bullet Journal for analog task management, but Wunderlist was great for getting more granular without interrupting a computing workflow. I was ready to transition to To-Do; it was free and it matched the “theme” of using a lot of Microsoft Office apps for the last few years, but not having it on Mac as a native app was always a bump in the road.

Here’s to productivity! Meanwhile, the open source advocate part of my brain is continually asking why I didn’t just roll my own NextCloud server running on an Ubuntu machine at home to manage all this stuff in the first place…yeaaaaah. I’ll get to that eventually….