January 2018 News & Updates

Nearly 10 years ago I started exploring ambient composition and musical theories such as just intonation. Since then I went down a few different musical paths, from furthering my explorations in experimental music to performing metal music at venues all across the United States as well as parts of Canada and the United Kingdom. This year my sights are set on exploring the sonic sphere of ambient sound, drones, intonation systems and more.

In the spirit of looking back on previous musical ventures, I recently uploaded a work I created in 2012 titled Turbulent Serenity. This album has enjoyed regular rotation on Soma FM’s Drone Zone, a station that played a pivotal role in my immersion into the world of ambient expression. Though for a while it was on my Soundcloud account, Turbulent Serenity was too large for the original file size allotted for an artist of my size on Bandcamp at the time. This reissue celebrates then the growth of my work since then, as well as my origins in long-form composition, ambient drones and just intonation. I’m excited to now have it among my official discography on Bandcamp: A respectful bow toward the past and an open mind toward the future.

Looking forward, I am nearing the end of the process of what will be a special release for this year. While my recent work has focused on more long-form drone works, this one will be a little different in nature, both in terms of its structure as well as the writing and recording process—both of which I’ll discuss in greater as the time is right.

To wrap this post up, I would like to point out that the rights regarding my music has shifted. I have removed existing restrictive copyrights and allowed for more open use of works I published under Creative Commons. Now under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license, you are not only free to distribute my works, but you may adapt or modify them in works of your own so long as they are non-commercial in nature and attribution to the original source is given. You can learn more about this license here.





Thank you again for your support and here’s to a great year ahead!


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