Milking a Loop for All it’s Worth

The challenge, which really is the best word for it, of solo ambient guitar music is making the most sound come out of one person. Sure, that seems obvious, but other instruments really have an easier time with this–especially of the electronic variety. Since the ambient genre is firmly connected to the electronic genre, we can never really talk about one without the other. This is what’s forced me to consider the techniques electronic musicians employ to get the most out of looped sequences and apply it to the guitar: taking a loop, or two (or three) and running it through a variety of effects (once that effect pitch and time are the best) seems to be a great way to get the most mileage out of a simple loop–a musical sequence.

Tone down the volume on something like this and play some guitar solos over it: challenge met!

…oh, and I promise to avoid filming things in portrait mode.

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